Secure Records Portal

Secure Records Portal (SRP) is a secure, browser-based repository designed exclusively for the archival of protected health information (PHI). SRP may be deployed either as a 100% on premises solution or a hybrid hosted solution.
Alternatively, BLOB storage can be hosted in the Amazon S3 Elastic Cloud, and maintain customer facing servers in your environment.

Our highly experienced professionals have extensive experience in migrations to EPIC, GE, McKesson, Siemens, Sunquest, and others that will facilitate your system transition.


Our Vision

To facilitate managing the legacy data effectively and help to maintain clinical operations, reduce costs and keep the healthcare provider compliant with Federal and State data retention requirements.


SRP Feature Set

  • Integration with Epic.
    SRP integrates with Epic ADT feeds, and can also link within Epic records on the media tab to redirect to the SRP application.
  • Access Tracking.
    Each login to SRP as well as each user activity inside the application is fully logged and reportable.
  • Data Encryption.
    Data access is encrypted with 128-bit encryption and can only be accessed through the SRP web interface.
  • System Access.
    SRP can be fully integrated with Microsoft® Active Directory.
  • User Restriction.
    SRP allows for the ability to segment data and allow/restrict user access based on login.
  • Interoperability.
    SRP access is available in both a web based portal and in an iPad Application.