mediClips Carepad is an enterprise-wide patient education and quality improvement platform that is deployed to hospital patients via an iPad Patients can use the iPad during their stay to access entertainment, educational video content and partici-pate in HCAHPS quality improvement surveys

mediClips Feature Set

  • Full EMR-integration to access a complete patient profile.
    Educational content is not based on simply HCP orders or patient location.
  • Automatically generates a customized educa-tional ‘playlist’ based on patient’s EMR
    Diagnoses, history, medications, etc. No programming or prescribing by staff.
  • Delivered into the hands of the patient with using innovative tablet platform.
    Access to the content is in the palm of the patient’s hand.
  • HCAHPS survey tool
    W ith instant feedback reporting to selected hospital personnel to Perform real-time service recovery for HCAHPS dimensions of quality care while the patient is in-house.
  • “Interruption model” that REQUIRES patients to participate in video education and quality improvement. Direct patient participation that ultimately influences QI KPI such as HCAHPS scores and 30-day readmission rates
  • Use any content.
  • Reasonable cost.
    Low budgetary impact and capital expenditure for the hospital.
  • Platform flexibility
    mediClips can be deployed on iPads, some hospital TV systems and other exciting technology innovations.