SIS Information Exchange

SIS Information Exchange is the next generation HIE (Healthcare Information Exchange).
Its a web based solution that provides a complete exchange and control over medical records management (digital & paper)

Some benefits of Healthcare Information Exchange

  • Single interface for all user groups
  • Improved user experience
  • Reduced patient turn-around time
  • Improved care coordination and continuity
  • Reduce adverse drug events and avoidable tests
  • Reduced unnecessary hospitalization
  • Reduce narcotics fraud
  • Reduce avoidable tests
  • Reduced patient history collection time
  • Reduction in time spent checking for eligibility
  • Reduced time on call backs (labs, radiology, pharmacy etc)

Key Feature of SIS Information Exchange

  • Complete operation via the web browser
  • Secure Role based sign-in
  • Hosted (zero maintenance) or Localized (tangible asset) deployment
  • Fast and accurate reporting
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Out of the box solution*
  • Single sign-on (SSO) via Active Directory integration*
  • Support multiple messaging formats - HL7, fax, voice, dictation
  • Workflow designed to work for small clinics and large hospitals
  • Customizable workflow - supports outsourced transcription service

SIS Information Exchange is designed to combine data from the large ancillary services, such as pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology, with various clinical care components (such as nursing plans, medication administration records (MAR), and physician orders). The number of integrated components and features involved in any given HIS is dependent upon the data structures and systems implemented by the technical teams. SIS is able to integrate with any ancillary subsystem that supports HL7 messaging Interface (a messaging standard in the Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)).